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The Public Procurement Agency supports the Public Procurement Portal (PPP).

The Portal is a centralized information system providing access to information about all aspects of public procurement, structured in separate thematic areas and oriented towards the specific interest of the main groups of users. The information is updated on a daily basis.

The PPP presents the organization and activities of the PPA, the legal framework and practice in the field, as well as useful links to other resources in internet. It aims to ensure higher level of information, publicity and transparency on public procurement issues, as well as to provide the necessary methodological assistance to practitioners in this area.

The Public procurement Portal enables access to the:

The PPP is public and freely accessible. Both Bulgarian and English versions of the Portal are supported.


  Стандартизирани проекти на договори и специализирани клаузи към договори, задължителни за прилагане при откриване на обществени поръчки от 01.03.2017 г., с изключение на поръчки в областите отбрана и сигурност
  How to fill the registration form for the random-based control (video)
  The ex-ante control based on random selection (Article 232 of PPL and Articles 121 – 130 of RIPPL) became effective on 1 September 2016
  New Form Editor
  Standard Form for the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD)
  By Order No ЗМФ – 297 of 14.04.2016, the Minister of Finance adopted the Internal Rules for Monitoring under Article 114 (1), item 2 of the Rules for Implementation of the Public Procurement Law
  Instructions for the creation of an Authorized User in the Public Procurement Register
  The PPA kindly asks users sending by email to the PPA digitally signed messages and files, to mention this in the ‘Subject’ field of the message.
04 August 2017
Обнародвано е изменение на Закона за обществени поръчки, свързано с промяна в срока за въвеждането на единната електронна платформа
21 July 2017
Срокът за въвеждане и използване на електронната платформа е удължен
10 July 2017
Европейският комитет по стандартизация публикува информация за стандарт за електронната фактура
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