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Public Procurement Agency
4 Lege Str., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
Tel.: +359 2 9859 7150
Fax: +359 2 9859 7152
e-mail: aop@aop.bg

Work time
Questions about
Directorate “E-Procurement, Standardization and Monitoring”
02 9859 7166;
02 9859 7167

от 10:00 ч. до 12:00 ч.
от 14:00 ч. до 17:00 ч.

Provides instructions on filling up procurement notice template forms, registration and unique procurement number, application of the Common Procurement Vocabulary
Directorate “Control of Public Procurement”
Sending documents for external control by PPA
Directorate “Finances, Human Resources and Administrative Activities”
02 9859 7105
  Finance and Human Resources

Anti-corruption phone: 02 9859 7115
This phone number is a hotline to signal corruption offences related ONLY AND SOLELY to Employees of Public Procurement Agency. If your signal does not concern the Public Procurement Agency, but other unit of Bulgarian public administration, IT IS NOT WITHIN THE SCOPE OF OUR POWERS to process your corruption signal. Pursuant to Article 111 (4) of Administrative Procedure Code, no procedure can be opened based on anonymous proposals or signals regarding to infringement committed more than two years earlier.
In order to signal corruption offences related to public contract award, please follow the link of the Anti-Corruption Committee at the Council of Ministers: