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Public Procurement Agency Virtual Records

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Virtual Records module of the Public Procurement Agency (PPA) allows you to submit to PPA digitally signed documents and receive a reply in relation to them.

For this purpose you should possess a valid certificate for electronic signature (ES). ES should be installed (imported) into your PC browser. In Bulgaria, local licensed ES certification services providers are:

Information Services PLC StampIT software
Bankservice PLC B-Trust software
InfoNotary PLC InfoNotary software for signing
Spectar PLC Spektar software for signing
SEP Bulgaria SEP Bulgaria software  

An electronic document, which has not been signed by ES, shall not be processed by the PPA.

The access by a Electronic Signature to the PPA Virtual Records does not ensure that the document has been digitally signed. It has to be previously signed by the specilised digital signing software. The PPA would like to inform the users that each document to be entered into the Public Procurement Register (PPR), should not be sent through the PPA Virtual Records module, but through the Specialised Form Editor Software application (updated version) or the on-line notices of PPA website (https://www.aop.bg).

By submitting a duly signed electronic document the sender agrees to the following conditions:

• To receive electronic statements of the PPA;

• To allow processing by the PPA via automated (computer) systems of their own personal data, as part of accomplishing its tasks laid down by law and for the purpose of document management and processing of affairs.

The documents you submitted receive the status of Pending Registration. After registration in PPA records, their status changes and you may visualize the respective reference number and registration date.
Incoming documents are marked with this sign (a green arrow pointing to the left). The replies to your documents are available as attached files to the outgoing documents, marked by this sign (a red arrow pointing to the right).

ATTENTION: When using for the first time the Virtual Records module you will not be able to visualize your documents before you register as a correspondent in registry system of the PPA.

Key word search possibilities are provided to facilitate users, a key word may be entered into Reference Number or Subject line of the document field.

The PPA team wishes you a pleasant and productive work!
We look forward to receiving your recommendations, questions and feedback on technical problems while using the Virtual Records, please email at:aop@aop.bg.

  As of 1 Jan 2018, the ex-ante control activities of the Public Procurement Agency will be helped by external experts
  The deadline for introduction and use of the e-platform is extended
  Communication related to the more frequent questions concerning the introduction of the single electronic platform for awarding of public procurement and the Ordinance, which should govern the conditions for its use
  The deadline for introduction of national electronic platform for awarding of public procurements is extended
  Standardized draft contracts and specialized clauses to contracts, mandatory for application when opening public procurements since 01.03.2017, with the exception of procurements in the areas of defense and security
  How to fill the registration form for the random-based control (video)
  The ex-ante control based on random selection (Article 232 of PPL and Articles 121 – 130 of RIPPL) became effective on 1 September 2016
  New Form Editor
  Standard Form for the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD)
  By Order No ЗМФ – 297 of 14.04.2016, the Minister of Finance adopted the Internal Rules for Monitoring under Article 114 (1), item 2 of the Rules for Implementation of the Public Procurement Law
  Instructions for the creation of an Authorized User in the Public Procurement Register
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