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Procurement Form Editor

The official standard forms for publication of public contract notices are in-built in the specialized software ‘Form Editor’.

The Form Editor is continuously being updated and improved according to the amendments in public procurement legislation. You should use its updated version published on our site. If mismatch between the version you work with and the last published version exists, you will be notified about the mismatch by the Form Editor itself. The new version may be automatically installed by following the respective instructions. For initial and manual installation, you should download the installation package from our site.

Due the considerable size of ‘Form Editor’ application, two versions are available: full and light. Both versions are compressed rar files that may be downloaded in a folder you indicate by clicking on it and choosing [Save].

The full version of ‘Procurement Form Editor’ application (editor’s version from 01.09.2016) contains the following:
  • folder PFE - installation package of the electronic forms. To install the application, start the file Procurement Form Editor.msi. The installation requires the platform .NET Framework version 4 to be available. In case you have installed earlier version of the Editor, you should uninstall it manually from Control Panel;
  • folder DotNet – installation package of the platform .NET Framework version 4. If upon start of electronic forms installation, the message that you do not have installed the platform .NET Framework, appears on your computer, you may start its installation from this folder;
  • file RopHelp-v[1]_2.pdf– user guide

Microsoft component for operation with digital signatures - CAPICOM.

Please prior to installation read the instructions from the ‘User guide’, chapter ‘Work with the Installation Package’.

The light version of ‘Procurement Form Editor’ application (Editor’s version from 01.09.2016) contains only the installation package of the electronic forms.

IMPORTANT notice for using the Procurement Form Editor

Procurement Form Editor - arhive